Project Overview


Fall River, MA

Bell Rock Substation

The Bell Rock Substation, located on Bell Rock Road in Fall River, MA, will be upgraded to provide increased power flow and capacity for several 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines. These upgrades allow for added flexibility and reliability in the system.

The site will be reconfigured and expanded to accommodate new equipment like switches and circuit breakers. A new 43 x 66-foot control building will also be added to the site.

National Grid has obtained all necessary federal, state and local permits for the Project.

Construction Activity – Summer/Fall 2020:

Beginning in July 2020, there will be crews and equipment working in the vicinity of Bell Rock Substation to prepare the area for the substation upgrades.

This preliminary work includes tree trimming, filling potholes, and grading on the unpaved portion of Bell Rock Road and moving some transmission poles near the substation.

The activity will continue through the rest of 2020, with the substation upgrades starting in mid-2021.

Project Location